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CBD Naturals & More is a Health and Wellness store, operating to provide healthy products for you and your loving pets. We take pride on the idea of having products that you can trust. Our products are 100 percent tested and are organically grown and are derived from a Natural Quality Hemp in the U.S. Our Inventory is stocked with Vapes, Tinctures, Edibles and more.

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The CBD cream is the product “to go to” for treating joint and muscular pain. Its calming and soothing effect on the body is certainly noteworthy, especially at bath time . Did I mention that the cream is odorless?! For me, this is a PLUS! I urge you to try it. Oh, what a relief it is!!! Your body will “thank you!”

October 28, 2021

This CBD cream is fantastic! If you suffer with chronic aches and pains of the joint and muscles, I recommend this topical treatment. As it attacks the pain, I experience a calm and soothing sensation at the site. When I apply it after bath time, it’s so relaxing! Did I mention that it’s odorless! For me, that’s a PLUS! Give it a try! Your body will “thank you!”

I give it “5” stars!!!!!

October 29, 2021

The peach gummies help me relax and wind down after a day at work or if I’m just trying to get some great sleep at night. I need a lifetime supply. The grape shots were pretty dope as well, you really only need maybe half a shot to feel that relaxed vibe. The caramels taste great you can barely tell they are CBD infused. Overall I will and have recommended CBD Naturals & More to family and friends.

Cedric B
January 19, 2022

I was able to have the caramel popcorn and chocolates 🤗 I not only enjoyed the taste but the ability for me to relax with some yummy treats and was worth it! Don’t sleep without these. Stock up today, like for real get you some CBD from CBD naturals and more only!!

March 7, 2022


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